That’s one semester down and one underway!


This is just a quick entry to share my first week back at uni! It’s been really full-on,  with uni being nearly full-time. We got our assignment sheets for the semester. My fave is one that’s all about cooking, which is a weakness I’d like to improve upon. It’s about experiencing different foods; cultural and medical. I’ll be preparing four meals and documenting my progress. Strengths and weaknesses of the recipe, its price, and my ability will all need consideration.


The twist which makes things interesting is that there needs to be: 1 recipe that uses an unfamiliar cooking method, 1 from an unfamiliar culture, 1 which has been modified for health promotion (making bad food healthy), and 1 which has been modified for therapeutic reasons (like kidney disease). What this all means is that you peeps get four blogs about cooking! And I get to learn while having fun blogging 🙂 


I guess you want to know what got me interested in nutrition and dietetics, huh? It’s a good question which is difficult to answer! There are a few reasons, most of them are selfish, but hey it’s my life! I’ll try to be brutally honest so you can learn from its mistakes! In short, food (especially healthy food) has never been my forte. Sure, I was 80kg at 10 years old and worked hard to get all that excess weight off, but I have never bothered with adventurous cooking or menu planning. I knew what made me fat, so it was obvious to me that I needed to stop eating those things to lose weight. I should have probably asked for help from someone- but hey I was a kid with a great parent and not much to complain about.

In terms of all those skills to do with creativity in food … well, I’m still in the dark. Unless you can count adding food colouring to packet cake mixes!!! I feel like I’m probably not representative of the population (in terms of food and eating), and that interests me. Also I can’t just impose my beliefs or opinions onto patients and expect them to do well. It’ll be interesting to learn strategies to use when changing a person’s eating. Even if they are on board with the idea, they will probably have their own perspective on achieving that goal. 

My preconception of what a dietitian would be like has thankfully been shattered into thousands of pieces. I was afraid for a split second there that I would have to turn into a super strict food nazi of something, but no! When we think of a dietitian, what do we think of? Honestly?  For me, it’s someone that has never eaten one bad thing, exercises every day, and treat their bodies as temples …. Oh, and expects everybody else to! This is not me! And luckily for everyone, dietitians are NOT like this! So don’t be afraid of dietitians; after all, they eat McDonald’s and chocolate too. If you feel that you would benefit from seeing one, I would recommend giving it a try. Remember, there is nothing to be lost from trying and everything to be gained 🙂

Until next time 



Please remember that I’m a dietetics STUDENT, so none of my opinions should be trusted! PLEASE consult an Accredited Practicing Dietitian or your GP before applying anything discussed in this blog to your diet or exercise regime


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