Lower Energy BIG brekkie – scrambled eggs, sausage and cooked tomato.


I love this brekkie! Its quick easy and filling. Cooked tomatoes might have some people turn away either for the taste/texture or for diminished nutrition, but I love it and thats what matters.


In terms of nutrition, sure some of the nutritive value will be lost, but that doesnt mean that these tomatoes don’t have anything to give. Ultimately its important to eat food that YOU enjoy, prepared the way that YOU like it. 


This is why dieting is so hard, people think that they must obey the food gods who whisper gospel into their sleeping doctor or dietitians ear. But this isn’t my idea of dieting at all, its not even about food really. If you can look at your lifestyle and feel good, knowing that your keeping your body in check then good. If not then a dietitian or psychologist will work with you on lifestyle factors and the way you live to match this with foods relevant and healthy to you. So food doesn’t really come into it until the end, once all the other work is done, for me its really the boring bit which should come easily when a person has accepted a new way of life without abandoning who they are. 


What does dieting mean to you?



2 large or 3 small tomatoes

2 Vegie sausage

4 slices of heavy multigrain grain bread

2 eggs

1/4 Cup skim milk

Herbs and spices (I used oregano, sage, and paprika)




In a bowl add eggs, then milk and whisk. Add herbs and spices/

Heat a pan then spray cooking spray for 3 seconds. Add egg mix. Stir to prevent sticking. 

Once eggs are cooked set aside and using the same pan brown the sausages (cut lengthways) and tomato (very thickly sliced).

Assemble on toast and garnish.

*Serves 2 * 


Until next time 



Please remember that I’m a dietetics STUDENT, so none of my opinions should be trusted! PLEASE consult an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) or your GP before applying anything discussed in this blog to your diet or exercise regime


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