Review: Weet-Bix Energize Protein


Price:  $4.49 / 400g ($1.12 / 100g)

Brand: Sanitarium 

A company that believes in the physical, mental, and emotional potential of every Australian. That nutrition provides a firm-grounding for health and wellness in the journey towards reaching ones potential. Sanitarium claims to champion key issues of health and wellness via the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum. Values: Care, courage, humility, integrity, and passion.


Nutrition: 780Kj Energy, 2g Sugar, 195mg Salt, 11.1g Protein, 4.5g Fibre (per 50g serving or 3 biscuits).

Verdict: One glance at the packaging for this new weet-bix variety and ¾ of the population will be turned-off. The product is obviously targeted at young men, which is sad really because in my opinion the people who might benefit from the added protein would be old people. Young people tend to eat a full and overly nutritious diet, they really don’t need any hidden ‘extras’. Older people may be more restrictive with their diet, and for a subset the extra protein here will protect against muscle degradation and increased risk of falls. In short the box needs to be a pastel colour and adorned with fluffy cats to reach its proper audience (according to this nearly-dietitian at least).

Oh and by the way, despite the fancy packaging it tastes exactly the same as the original. Also and interestingly the nutrition panel lists one serve as three biscuits instead of the two on the original product. I can only think this would be so that Sanitarium can say there is >10g protein per serve …. shady.


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