Miso Fish!


fish misoOkay I’m about to lay down some intense nutrition lingo right now in this post, so bare with me. It’s an article I wrote for an assignment; reasoning for said lingo. The original recipe –> http://tinyurl.com/kytzmcq

For the last part of my recipe preparation assignment last semester, I modified a main for a low tyramine diet. I chose to do a fish dish originally titled “Miso-glazed fish with sesame brown rice salad”, but boy did that change! It turns out that eliminating tyramine means anything fermented; for this recipe that’s the miso, soy sauce, snow peas, avocado, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and vinegar. Basically the whole flavour-base gets knocked out! But don’t worry, the end result is colourful and filling!

I was glad to work with fish, my family generally don’t like and I’ve never gotten used to the taste. I do eat canned tuna, but I’m quite terrified about trying oily fish because of the tiny bones. All I can think about is getting one caught in my throat! This recipe was a nice way to work my way up! I feel it’s quite under-used which is a tragedy because its so good for us- with omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and low saturated fat. Ultimately I’de like to be reaping those benefits, and telling my clients to get on board!

A low what, who, where!?

I bet you’re thinking “why would you need to be having a low tyramine diet?” Well don’t feel too out of the loop- after studying molecular science for over four years today was the first time I had heard of it myself! Normally tyramine releases hypertensive hormones (dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline). This is okay as it forms part of a complex and regulated system in our bodies. But what if more and more tyramine builds up? That’s the case for people taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) for depression, psychiatric disorders, or  for Parkinson’s disease. The metabolic pathway which removes tyramine is knocked-out leading to adverse reactions such as severe headache, tachycardia and hypertensive catastrophe. 


Miso and soy sauce subbed with Ground coriander

Avocado and snow peas subbed with Broccoli and carrot

Sesame oil and vinegar Subbed with Drizzle of olive oil + 1 tsp Lemon juice

Sesame seeds Left out              

Back to the cooking!

It was my mission to return this recipe to something resembling its title. It was tough! A lot of sauces were automatically eliminated, making substitutions difficult if not impossible. The options left to me are oils, herbs and spices (not cinnamon, anise, curry powder, hot paprika and nutmeg), and lemon or lime juice. I decided to stick with the honey, garlic, and OJ base for the marinade but addground coriander.This was a bit of a guess, but I also had a family member cook fish with coriander and tomato a couple of times which was very yummy! I tasted the ground coriander with some rice before using it, and it was good; I could imagine the fish with it. I also tried some tumeric but that was too earthy for the fish. 

The verdict

Ultimately this dish becomes garlic/honey – glazed fish with sesame brown rice salad. If I were serving this modified version that is the title I would use. Its probably not nice to expect something then have it turn up tasting different!I honestly didn’t miss the way it’s suppose to taste. I think that’s because I knew that I couldn’t bring those lost flavours back. But also because the coriander seasoning matched the subtle flavour of the fish. 

A friend said it was a bit bland, but I liked it. Maybe she should have seasoned hers some more! As a student dietitian I was also thinking about all the salt that I was saving myself from; but that’s probably not something that everyone thinks about! I would want to canvas the recipe further for this reason, before promoting the modification.  

Now that I’ve had practice maybe I’ll give that coriander-tomato dish a go!

Until next time!


Please remember that I’m a dietetics STUDENT, so none of my opinions should be trusted! PLEASE consult an Accredited Practising Dietitian or your GP before applying anything discussed in this blog to your diet or exercise regime


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