This Week’s Nutrition News (week starting Monday 7 April)


BluewMonday: ABC News breakfast

SALT: While industry has reduced its salt usage, a new report released in the BMJ shows that the reductions are still not enough to reach Australian dietary guidelines. Independent lobby and public health groups have an important role in guiding government and industry towards a common goal. (

Monday: ABC Health Online

Why is weight not the best measure of health? Because everybody is different and food affects us differently. Some put on weight and others don’t, even on the same diet. Even when the effects of our diets do not ‘show’, they doesn’t mean that there aren’t health implications

Monday: SMH Life & Style

Gyms have been found to not comply with Physical activity guidelines. By not using correct signage, advice, and procedures, gym-goers are putting themselves at risk of injury.

Tuesday: 702 ABC Sydney Local Radio

Consumer commission ruled against Coles’ milk pricing, finding that it does not benefit dairy farmer. The tactics Coles used have been widely criticised, both for being uncompetitive and being unable to be substantiated.  A mandatory code of conduct has been proposed, especially in light of the new AU-Japan free trade agreements. Japan is a lucrative market for Australian milk and withTariffs for Australian diary entering Japan are into the $100 Millions, the agreement has been welcomed.

Wednesday: Herald Sun via Studio 10

Qantas is finally culling old Aussie favourites VB and crown lager in favour of trendier brands such as White Rabbit and James Boags. I think this is astounding, that Qantas has waited so long to make the switch. They’re competing in a super tight super cheap discount market space where they are the dependable, the frills and definitely not the cheapest. Yet have not disposed of aging brands which have become steadily unpopular with young people until now. Better late than never I guess.

Wednesday: Everywhere

The models-are-too-thin-debate has emerged again, with the Sydney Fashion Show and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The solution for plus sized models to used doesn’t really wash with me, we’re just going from one unhealthy extreme to another. I think it would be great if could have all sizes represented, and most importantly that everyone on stage is within their Ideal Body Weight range (BMI: 18-24.9).

Thursday: The Australian

Not the Government’s Alco pops tax, nor public health and education efforts, but Facebook is supposedly behind falling drinking rates 14-17 year olds according to UNSW researchers.  While the other factors do contribute, increased screen time and a rising number of households from cultural backgrounds where alcohol consumption has less emphasis, has been the main factors. This report comes after the ABS released broader data indicating Australian alcohol consumption is at a 17 year low. Good or Bad?

Friday: SMH.

The release of Bob Carr’s autobiography saw the pages of SMH filled with vivid insight into the long-serving ALP elder’s peculiarities. Nutrition didn’t miss out with an online article which details his hunger for ‘steel-cut’ oats as part of his morning ritual and low sugar high protein diet. This is not quite news, but hey it was a slow news day. Enjoy



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