Review: Flats by Fine Fettle



Product:Flats $2.00 / 18g ($11.11 / 100g)

Brand:Fine Fettle

Launched in 2009, Fine Fettle is Australian-owned and based in Sydney. They run a fully Gluten Free facility and pride themselves on an innovative method of dehydration that keeps more nutrients in the final product. They use nothing artificial and Australian-grown where possible.

Varieties: Sweet  Corn & Paprika, Tomato & Basil, Zucchini & Almond, Carrot & Pepita, Spiced Pear & Hazelnut, and Apple & Cinnamon.

Nutrition: The Apple & Cinnamon flavour has 374 kJ Energy, 4.8g Sugar, 2mg Sodium, and 2.3g of protein per 18g packet.

Not much bang for your nutritional buck is my opinion. This snack is quite energy dense for its volume and interestingly dietary fibre has not been reported on the packet. Dietary fibre contributes to feeling full which is an important quality to look for in a snack.

Verdict: These are a curious product which is hard to place.

One thought I have about these is that they are a bit gimmicky, are not very filling and expensive.

On the other hand they’re not easy to scoff down quickly and when topped with fruit, ricotta, or yogurt as the packet suggests, they would make an okay snack.

The best use for these may be as a tool to fend off over- or non-hunger- eating. I can imagine having them within reach on my desk  and taking a flat when feeling fake-hunger or boredom. One flat would certainly be better than a chocolate bar, marshmallow or anything else I could rustle up away from my desk.


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