About Me


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All things Food, Nutrition, Dietetics. I learn and you get to be entertained by my crazy adventures/troubles/triumphs in the kitchen and classroom.

I’m a student dietitian trying to spread the joys and terrors of eating well and achieving goals.

I’m planning to start my own dietetics business in Sydney next year and I’ll be all ears to help with nutrition questions, queries, and theories and comments.

My passion, the reason I decided to study Nutrition & Dietetics is a bit corny, but I’ll tell you about it anyway…

I feel as though health professionals are in a privileged position, they may not get paid enough for it, but they are. And that is the reason I studied a health-related subject, and who doesn’t like food right? Well I can think of a few examples, but that’s why dietetics are here to help.

Being the person who is responsible for the wellbeing of another who may be at their worst and certainly not there best would be a privilege. To be involved in the multi-disciplinary care of a person and to help pave the way for health reform or new best-practice guidelines would be a privilege. To help people in our communities who fall through our welfare safety-net such as drug-users, the elderly, and children would be a privilege.

Yes health doesn’t discriminate, society does.

I would love to improve people’s lives with positive thinking and empowerment. If people can feel as though they can eat freely then my job is done.

Having an awareness of nutrition & dietetics can benefit anyone. After all we all eat right! Have you ever thought about how your body and mind are affected by WHAT you eat and HOW you prepare it? If you live with chronic symptoms or have noticed a change in the way you’re feeling then a visit to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian may be helpful.

Please remember that I’m a dietetics STUDENT, so none of my opinions should be trusted! PLEASE consult an Accredited Practising Dietitian (that’s what they’re called in Australia at least) or your GP before applying anything discussed in this blog to your diet or exercise regime


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