Herb tofu and avocado toast



Don’t make this recipe. I mean it. By the time you’ve diced the veg, torn up the herbs and pulsed the tofu it’ll be all over. Seriously it’s not even worth preparing, you’ll have no gossip for your friends (or the odd frenemy) about how you were slaving in the kitchen to make this masterpiece.

There’ll be no excuse for you to break out into a tragically unbelievable anecdote about how you saved the ingredients at the last minute from the perils of a fancifully complicated yet apparently incomplete recipe, which had been slowly guiding you over a cliff (and your ingredients in the bin!). Using your sheer instincts (in my case since I lack skill/experience) you add a special ingredient or tweak the recipe which pulls everything together to once again save the tastebuds of the people of Townsville from evil. Oh what we aren’t in a cartoon? *Yeah I watched the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ as a kid*.

I don’t know about you, but I love being the hero. Cooking gets a bit boring (and difficult) and even though there are much better experienced and qualified people around me, I hate to ask for help. I’m trying to use this blog to develop and modify recipes for simplicity and taste while shedding as many excess kilojoules as I can from them. I think thats what this recipe is. I got It from Donna Hay’s ‘Fresh and Light’ book. 

Now that I’ve tasted it I’m going to consider some balsamic over the top next time. It tastes great btw! The lime juice is a must and works majestically with the chilli.


150g silken tofu (I used to other kind and it turned out okay)

mint and basil leaves about 1 Cup each (crush/tear/shred after measuring not before, that would be way too much!)

Heavy multi-grain bread (I didn’t have any, so I’ve used white bread. Also I have braces at the moment, grains and braces don’t get along well!)

1 avocado

cherry tomatoes (I diced a whole tomato. I wish I had a packed of medley cherry toms!)

lime juice

1 long red chilli (deseeded) cut into thin long strips. You could use carrot instead, if you don’t like chilli. (I’ve used chilli powder instead)


Blend tofu and half the herbs with some pepper in a food processor. 

spread mix over toast. 

Build with avocado, tomato, and remaining herbs. Top with juice and chilli/carrot.

Until next time 


Please remember that I’m a dietetics STUDENT, so none of my opinions should be trusted! PLEASE consult an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) or your GP before applying anything discussed in this blog to your diet or exercise regime